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Canada Diagnostic Centres respects the privacy of its visitors to our website and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information. As part of this commitment, we have established Privacy Principles to govern our use of patient and client information.

CDC complies with two privacy laws. One is healthcare-related and the other is business-related. In Alberta, when personal information is collected, used or disclosed in the course of providing publicly-funded healthcare services it is covered by the Health Information Act (HIA). At the same time, the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) protects personal information collected, used or disclosed by private-sector companies, including CDC. In practice, the requirements of these laws are reasonably similar and can be satisfied at the same time. Where standards differ, we meet the higher one.

We make information about our privacy policy and practices available to our patients. If you are unsure about which law applies to your information and what that means for you, or if you have any other privacy questions, requests or concerns, please refer to the Contact Us Section below.


By accessing and using our “Request an Appointment” services on this Site, you will have provided your implied consent to our collection, use, or disclosure of your personal health information in accordance with this Policy, for the purpose of scheduling diagnostic exams.

Principle 1 – Collection of Personal Information

Our website is used to inform our visitors about Canada Diagnostic Centres and our services. Should you require additional information about Canada Diagnostic Centres you may be asked to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and information request. This information will be collected in a secure portion of the Web site and only used by internal personnel responsible for administering information requests.

Principle 2 – Information Disclosure

Personal information about visitors to our Web site is not disclosed to any third parties. It is also not shared with Canada Diagnostic Centres personnel who do not require such information to perform their job duties.

Principle 3 – Personal Information Collected & Used

To properly administer and understand the technology we need to support this Web site, we may collect and log the location portion of the Internet Protocol (IP) address for incoming traffic to the site (e.g. @internetserviceprovider.ca). We do not capture or link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our Web site.

We do not use "cookies" to track how visitors use this Web site. If we change the services provided through the Web site to require the use of "cookies", we will inform you by updating this privacy statement.

Accessing Your Personal Information

Any requests for access to personal information held by Canada Diagnostic Centres must be received in writing and specify the information you are requesting access to. All written requests must be directed to:

Privacy Officer, Canada Diagnostic Centres

#1, 6020- 1A St. SW
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Home  / MRI Services  / Breast MRI

What is Breast MRI

Breast MRI is a leading-edge tool for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Breast MRI offers the highest sensitivity rate of all current breast imaging techniques for the detection of invasive and intraductal cancers. Breast MRI is often considered one of the best ways to detect the disease in the earliest, and more treatable phase.

This exam uses no radiation and is performed utilizing our state-of-the-art GE Signa 3T MRI machine located in our Calgary Chinook clinic.

What is Breast MRI used for?

  • Supplemental breast cancer screening if you are a high risk patient or with a family history of breast cancer
  • For detecting, locating and determining the stage of breast cancer
  • For patients who require further breast imaging or other imaging was inconclusive
  • Patients with dense breasts
  • Patients with implants who are unable to have a mammogram
  • Assessing implant integrity
  • Evaluation of all patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Assessment of residual disease
  • To assess for recurrence when other imaging is inconclusive
  • To monitor response to or effectiveness of chemotherapy

Breast MRI Pricing

Breast MRI scans are provided on a per fee basis and are not covered by Alberta Health Care.

  • Exam - $975*
  • Contrast - $250

*Current data suggests that 1 in 5 patients undergoing their first breast MRI will require a short-term follow-up MRI study recommended by the Radiologist, 6 months after the first exam. At CDC, the cost of any 6 month follow-up MRI we recommend is included in the initial price. There is no added cost for this follow-up exam should it be needed.

3T MRI vs. 1.5T MRI

Our MRI machine is the only 3T community-based magnet in Calgary. The signal strength at 3T is significantly greater than that received at 1.5T. This translates to higher imaging resolutions, as well as faster scan times, all factors that improve image quality and diagnostic strength. For breast, the improved resolution provides the opportunity for better detection/sensitivity and a better understanding of lesions present, potentially increasing specificity and help decrease the number of unnecessary biopsies.

When should I have this appointment?

For all non urgent exams, you should be booked at days 7-14 (ideally day 10) of your menstrual cycle.

Will Contrast Be Required?

In the vast majority of cases, a Breast MRI will require contrast.

When you call to request your Breast MRI, our Radiologist will review your case and provide a recommendation. You will be notified when we call to book your appointment if contrast is required.

Request an Appointment

Please fill out the information below and you will receive a call back within 24 hours to book your appointment. A copy of your exam requisition form is required to book an appointment.

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
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